After reading loads of blogs, posts and articles we found out that ATM / bank charges were a big part of travelers expenses. Therefore we have decided to take a close look into different banking options. We have decided to go for:

– Caxton card (MasterCard) – in order to order Caxton card you are required to have UK address, they have asked us for a copy of our passport (it doesn’t have to be British) & for a proof of UK address.

– Revolut card (MasterCard) – we didn’t need any sort of a prof of identify and card can be sent worldwide, Zuzia got her shipped to Poland.

Those two options have been recommended to us by our friends who traveled before. These are pre-paid cards which can be access through the Internet and more importantly an app on the iPhone, making money transfers and planning a lot easier. We have been told that it worked well for payments, ATM withdrawals as well as money transfers and currency exchanges. We are excited to find out how well will they work around the world, fingers crossed. So along side these per-paid cards we are taking our normal Visa cards, they just come with bad cash and transaction fees of 2% plus a handling fee so hoping not to use them.

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