Our plan 📍


Something that’s always been a dream is now becoming a reality, since we were little we have been dreaming of traveling the world, and for what ever reasons the timing has never been right.

After meeting each other in London, we soon realised we shared very similar interests. We both had itchy feet and after talking about traveling and our dreams it was only a matter of time until we decided to throw in the day jobs and escape the current lives we were living.

We’ve realised there’s never a good time to put a year of our life on hold, so with that in mind, why not now? The thought of having a backpack on and waking up in a different place each week, exploring new places, meeting new people, and of course food was now the only thing on our minds. So after a spontaneous decision we decided now was the time we had found each other and luckily we are both up for an adventure.

The fun starts now, we have quit our jobs and are preparing for our travels. We are visiting family, Josh’s being in Chester and Zuzia’s in Warsaw. The last few things are now packed and ready. Our one way flight to Cancun, Mexico has been purchased without any structured plans. We decided that we would sit on a sandy beach under the sun and plan from there.

So follow our journey starting in Mexico, continuing across Central and South America, and who’s knows where after?

We’re putting together a bucket list with all the things we hope to accomplish and do during our trip. Our plans will deffinetly include working away and volunteering along the way, and the obvious adventures.

Any recommendations are more than welcome as we would love to hear from you in the comments.



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