Vaccines and medications 💉💊

Finding out what vaccines you need to travel can be a pain, especially if you haven’t got a plan of where you want to go. Of course this was the case for us, with everything being so last minute. So our decision that we are going to only do vaccinations for central and south america for now and that we will top up if we decide to travel farther. Since we both share the idea that the least the better. However we don’t want to risk our health to much.

Here is our vaccination list, with price for Poland and the UK:

Vaccine Doses Price per dose PLN Price per dose £
Hepatitis A 💉💉 170,00 zł covered by NHS, £0
Hepatitis B 💉💉💉 75,00 zł covered by NHS, £0
Rabies 💉💉💉 160,00 zł  £60,00
 Yellow fever  💉  200,00 zł  £60,00
 Tetanus  💉  245,00zł  covered by NHS, £0
Polio, Typhoid & Diphtheria Boostrix  💉  220,00 zł covered by NHS, £0

💉Yellow fever – you will only need one dose and a yellow fever certificate, apparently very important as without it you may have trouble crossing the boarders

💊Malaria – we are still deciding which medication method we will be going for, but so far we are really happy to discover malaria map which allows us to see exactly which areas of the world are covered by viruses. You can just click on different countries on the map and it will show you which areas are at risk.

We found out that the average vaccination price is 50% more expensive in the UK than in Poland, so if you have a chance to stop by before you go, it’s defiantly worth it. On the other hand many vaccinations are covered by NHS in the UK which is also quite convenient. If you happen to come to Warsaw, make sure to have a look at our post about Warsaw. ( :


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