Packing for her 🎒

How to pack for traveling around the world?

Have you ever wondered how to pack for a long trip? How to prepare yourself for all 4 seasons?
Neither did I, until we have decided to take a trip to central and South America and who knows where else. I started by wanting to take everything with me, but unfortunately my backpack is only 70l and I’m only little. This is where the packing dilemma begins. What should I take? 

I’ve been trying to pack light but at the same time not to miss out on anything. From my previous experiences I know that I’m really not a “dirty traveler” type. I like to have a choice of things to wear as well as always have a clean clothes to put on. I’m curious to find out which things will come in useful and which not at all.

Here we go:
🎒 2 pars of jeans

🎒 1 long leggings

🎒 1 3/4 leggings

🎒 2 pars of regular shorts

🎒 2 pars of loose shorts

🎒 1 sleeping leggings

🎒  1 sleeping shorts

🎒  4 t-shirts

🎒  6 tops

🎒  2 sweatshirts

🎒  1 hoodie

🎒  1 flees

🎒  1 10,000 MM. waterproof jacket

🎒  24 underwear

🎒 3 regular bras

🎒  2 light bras

🎒  swim suit

🎒  snorkelling gear

🎒  15 ankle socks

🎒  3 long socks

🎒  trekking sandals

🎒  city sandals

🎒  trainers

🎒  flip flops

🎒  waterproof trainers

🎒  scarf

🎒  glows

🎒  electronics

🎒  medicines

🎒  cosmetics

🎒  girl stuff

🎒  2 travel towels

🎒  sleeping bag

🎒  sleeping bag liner

🎒  pocket knife

🎒  daypack

🎒  notebook

🎒  book

It seems like quite a lot, huh? I took a lot of things that are rather worn out, as I’m planning to slowly get rid of them as we go and I realise that I don’t actually need it all.
After reading many packing tips we found out an amazing way to make a backpack more useful as a whole – packing all your things into smaller colourful bags before putting it into a massive backpack. This way everything is much more accessible, I’m excited to try this method out.
What would you pack for diverse climates and altitudes of South America?
I will update you on how I’m getting on, what changes I’ve made over the next few months and hopefully help you all out with your packing.



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