First stop: Cancun, Mexico

On Thursday morning our trip around the world started. We took the extremely long flight all the way from Warsaw to Cancun. After sitting impatiently for the majority of the day starved by our budget airline choice of Condor airlines, we arrived into a very hot and humid 30 degree Mexico evening.
After quickly changing into some light weight clothing, we headed straight into the city on the connecting bus to explore some local cousin and find our accommodation for the next few days.

Straight away you can see Cancun is set up for tourists, as soon as you are off the bus you are bombarded by people trying to sell you something or get you to eat at their restaurants. Of course by this point of our travels we were shattered, we ended up eating quesedias (corn tortillas stuffed with cheese, chicken and chorizo), nachos (covered with loads of cheese, nice beef, salsa and avocado) and drinking beers at a local restaurant. Later in the evening we got picked up by our couch surfing host, a local karate teacher Maximo. He’s amazing, growing up here he knows all the best local restaurants, things to do and see where your not getting charged the crazy tourist prices.

With his recommendation of beaches, we have had the most amazing day soaking up the sun and getting over our jet lag. We walked along the stunning coast which is covered by 22 km of white sand beaches, amazingly walking beat foot along the sand is possible even in this heat. The sand doesn’t get hot due to it being made of coral. The view of a beautiful, light blue sea was spoiling us all day. We had some amazing swims and enjoyed exploring the coast line. But unfortunately if you turn back in land from the beach your views are spoilt by the huge hotels which cover the entire coast line here, set for the all inclusive beach breaks.

Cancun has hot and humid climate means you can barely function without the air conditioning. We have never experienced such a humid environment, and we are planning to go to the jungle, with our weighty backpacks, are we crazy?
We finished the day with nachos and coronas on a little jetty, with the ever deepening sunset, followed by a late tacos at a local restaurant, a perfect start to out travels ahead. 


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