Isla Mujeres & Cancun 

Isla Mujeres is a small idilic island half an hour boat ride of the coast of cancun. A huge tourist hotspot for anyone visiting the area so as you can imagine it caters for this. Initially we were disappointed to see a commercialised island was much like Cancun, but we rented a golf kart which is a must if you want to make the most and explore the island. We had a great day stumbling across private jetties and a tiny hidden little beach which we scrambled down the rocks to. The crystal clear blue waters kept us there all afternoon while we soaked up the sun. We then continued into the colourful town at the north of the island for some local food of tacos and fish in Parmesan batter. Finishing our day watching the sunset on the beach with a corona.

Our final day in Cancun was spent at the beach, we had a chance to discover the best in our opinion beach in Cancun, it was placed at the end of a hotel zone, on km 21 (yes, there are over 20 km of hotels in Cancun). This area is amazing, you have both perfect sand beaches on one side and if you like wildlife here your able to view the very edge of the huge reef from around the headland, we snorkelled straight from the rocks observing a big variety of fish and sea life. From the beach you can observe a number of birds hunting for fish as well as massive iguanas trying to steal our lunch. The beach was peaceful and not crowded at all. Best way to rest before our next stop in one of the hottest Mexican cities: Merida.


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