Spendings in Mexico

How much does it cost to travel Mexico? 

As we already know many of you wonder how much money do you need to travel, many people were asking us how much money are we planning to take and what were our spendings so far. Personally not having much of an idea about costs of living in Mexico as a traveler, we have decided to keep track of our spendings in each visited country. Mexico being the first.

We spent 16 days in the country of sun screens and waterproof mascara, since it’s so hot, you sweat while sitting down. Spending an average of $22,5 (American dollar) per person a day. We were lucky to couchsurf and hitchhiking most of the time, so most of our money was dedicated to food – who would guess that?

All of our spendings are noted in pesos – Mexican currency ($1 = 16.65-17.75 Mexican pesos).


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