Welcome to Belize

We made it to Belize, the second country on our list and a first of Central America. It used to be a British colony so English is there first language, this is quite relieving after understanding less than half of what we were told in Mexico. Also dollar conversion is very handy in Belize since it’s set at 1 American dollar to 2 Belizean dollars. This makes life much easier, in comparison to the peso being worth 16-18 times less than an American dollar.

Belize is a tiny country only having a population of 350,000 citizens and quite a bit of land it is said to be one of the least populated countries density wise. Each person gets as much as 15m2 for themselves.

Our main point of interest here in Belize was the reef since it is the second best (after Australia) in the world, stretching the entire length of the country. We made our way to Caye Caulker, a “backpackers island” on the Caribbean Sea. When asked what is it known for we heard “chilling in the hammocks”, being located close to some of best snorkelling spots and its lobsters industry.

Caribbean Island life seemed exactly like you can imagine, a little Jamaica to look like. Loads of Rastafarians, hammocks and street food – rice&beens with a bit coleslaw and bbq chicken making for a national dish (tastes way better than it sounds).

After a few days chilling out in the hammocks we have decided to go for a snorkelling trip! It was the best idea ever. We can both admit that it was one of, if not the best day of our travels. We got to pet a shark, follow eagle rays, fall in love with a manatee, swim with turtles and observe stingrays and much more. The Belizean reef is full of colourful fish and other interesting species. One snorkelling location was underneath a local fisherman’s boat, the same spot he’s been using for the last 40 years. This is where he sorts out his catch and throws the empty shells and unsellable leftovers. The pile of shells was unbelievable almost making his own habitat in the area, it was like snorkelling in an aquarium, teaming with wildlife.

We finished the day by catching a sea horse and feeding giant fish and birds. It was quite expensive for are backpacking budget $65 American dollars, but they really go the extra mile to please, we were shattered by the time the day was over, defiantly worth it, so if you are every around defiantly give it a go!


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