Best of Guatemala

We’re back on the move, unfortunately one street food meal to many, we have spent the week recovering from illness. Our journey continued on some of the scariest bus rides through the mountains from Flores across the country to Antigua, lake Atitlan and then on to the market town – Chichicastenango.

First stop: Antigua its said to be the most picturesque, must see place in Guatemala. The little town set high up in the volcanic mountains, is true to its word. Although being partly destroyed a number of times over the years, has still kept the colourful in keeping buildings and cobbled streets throughout the town. Full with quaint little shops, cafes and restaurants, many with roof terraces, here your able to see the 3 huge volcanos that surround the town. Close to the centre is a great market full of fruits and veg, and street food stands. Unfortunately we think we’re going to miss the opportunity of climbing one of these volcanoes due to the evening storms that roll in this time of year.

From there we headed over to lake Atitlan, words can’t describe the beauty of this place, the volcanoes disappear into the lake with little villages dotted on the steep volcanic slopes. You can hop on and off the water taxis in each place exploring the great little towns, visiting traditional textile and dying shops, along with a tour of one of the worlds best coffee plantations. A real tourist hot spot, plenty of great food and coffee to be consumed with a great view.

A chicken bus or two got us from the lake over to the market town of Chichicastenango. This town every Thursday and Sunday lines its streets for the biggest market in Central America. An overnight hostel and an early wake up and we were surrounded by the colourful bustling of the market. The amazing array of handmade items is unbelievable. Everyone here has an ability to create something sellable. The handmade fabrics, hammocks, and cloths are truly amazing, you really feel we’ve lost some of these amazing practical skills in our home countries.
Guatemala has been are favourite country so far. The scenery is truly amazing. The people are so friendly, and there’s just so much colour. We are here for another few days before we head south into our next country on the list El Salvador.


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