Beaches of El Salvador 

We are in El Salvador! The country known more for its crime rates and tattooed gangs than its incredible coastline and nature. Wanting to explore the Pacific coastline for the first time on our travels, and having spent a long amount of time in land of Guatemala, we headed to el Tunco. A world famous surf town with huge swell and 3 meter waves. Here you don’t need to make it for tournaments, just watch the locals surf these massive waves – they are incredible.

Eager to get in the water, we started our day with surf classes since it was Zuzia’s first time on the board. We had a chance to be taught by Fafi, one of El Salvador’s famous surfers, who seemed to be raised on the beach. It felt amazing, like you are surfing on a cloud. Unfortunately the conditions were really hard with big waves and really strong currants this time of year. The sea is so powerful here, the rips can drag you out in seconds placing you far from the shore. We can’t wait to surf more throughout our travels and are in search for somewhere more adaquate.

A 20 minute chicken bus down the road lies La Liberated – the main Salvadorian port town – here on a pier we had a chance to see an incredible fish & seafood market and try ceviches – a mix of fresh, raw seafood marinated in lemon and served with oil, soya sauce and salsa – it was amazing.

From there we headed to San Salvador, where we were welcomed by Rony, our amazing couchsurfing host. We begun our evening with beers on his balcony with views of the volcano, when suddenly he suggested to continue the conversation at the pool. P O O L ?! – we said. Of curse we would love to sit by the pool. After a bit of swimming we continued with an amazing BBQ and a hot shower, which we haven’t had since we left Europe!

Rony took us for an awesome day trip to one of the El Salvador’s famous beaches – la Puntilla – where one of the large rivers meets the sea, here the unbelievably stormy sea was 3 meters higher than usual. Waves were crashing into restaurants far up on the beach, making it impossible to swim as it was far to dangerous. Fortunately Rony came up with another idea! We took a boat through the picturesque, narrow waters of the river, which winded through the mangrove trees. The views were stunning, we could spot hearings and other birds on every corner of our adventure. We ended our little tour as the river widened, to our amazement here on stilts in the middle of the river were little restaurants. We stopped off at one and had the most amazing, fresh fish we had ever had. A truly beautiful and yummy evening as we watched the sunsetting.

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