Budget blowing Costa Rica

We arrived in Costa Rica over 10 days ago and what a trip its been. Its taken untill now to have the time/ internet to sumeries what we have been upto.

Not planning sometimes leaves us in bad situations. What was only a short trip between the Nicaraguan island of Ometepe to Liberia, Coasta Rica was one of those nightmare journeys. Not having internet for some days before, we weren’t able to check or make plans. Getting to the border of Costa Rica and not realising we needed an out going ticket to enter the country costed us an expensive last minute ticket choice. 

Right after we crossed the boarder we ended up in a middle of a massive afroamerican camp, full of people trying to cross the Costa Rican boarder to head up to the USA. Those people traveled all the way from Asia, Africa and Middle East in search for a better life in the USA (http://www.ticotimes.net/2016/06/28/costa-rica-migrant-shelter). It looked almost like a festival – loads of tents, homes made of plastic sheets and cars and buses of policeman trying to control it. Lucikly it didnt take a long time for a bus to pick us up and we were on our route.

Our luck changed somewhat when we arrived in Liberia. Meeting a guy through couch surfing, he took us on a tour of the coast, the beautiful popular beaches of Playa Hermosa and Playa de Coco where we chilled for the day before watching the most increadable sunset.

The national parks, the main reason we didn’t escape this crazy expensive country. Costa Rica is true to its pertrail, its truely beautiful. Jaw dropping landscapes and an icreadable aray of wildlife we literally can’t get enough of it.

Our adventure started with an early visit to Santa Elena Cloud Forest. Motivated by a possibility to see wildlife we decided to be the first ones to visit the park at 7 am. Unfortunately we didnt get to see much of the wildlife, but the walk on tiny trails among the misty, wet tress was unforgettable. The very green and extremely humid forest pleased us with beautiful nature and views all day.
After a visit to this lovely reserve we headed to La Fortuna, an ugly, American looking town at the base of the stunning Arenal Volcano. We got there by taking an awesome taxi – boat – taxi transportation taking us across some amazing unpaved landscape, before a boat ride across the Arenal Lake.

Next day we hitchhiked to the Arenal Volcano National Park. You are no longer able to climb the actual volcano due to its extreme activity, but we had a chance to explore the lava flows as well as a beautiful national park at the base of it. Luckily we stumbled upon a super cute family of coates climbing down a tree.

Form the park we hitch hiked down to the incredible hot spring. This was amazing. We were sat on the rocks in the middle of a very hot thermal river. It was a crazy experience to sit with the locals and spend the afternoon chilling. We took hot water for granted, only having a few hot showers the entire journey. This thermal river supply’s all the very expensive spa resorts here. So what a free treat it was.

We found Costa Rica really hard to get around by public transport, we starting looking into the possabilities of hiring a car. Luckily we werent the only ones. That night we met a couple from South Africa who have been traveling the world on there honey moon and decided to hire a car together in order to see the whole country with ease. This gave us the chance to travel in a completely new way, so check our next post.


☄There are student discounts at Santa Elena Nature Reserve so don’t forget your card
☄Costa Rica is super expensive, almost London prices. A litre of water costs over a dollar and you are not able to eat anything for less than $6. Grocery shopping is almost as expensive as eating out. And hiring a car was cheaper than paying for all the shuttles.
☄Buy an outward ticket before entering the country to prevent paying over $40 for an useless bus ticket. You can also make a fake one by holding a 24h reservation at aa.com


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