Spendings in Nicaragua 

Nicaragua was one of our favourites of Central American, this country has so much to offer! From stunning lakes, including the largest lake in Central America, an amazing 19 volcanos and stunning beaches. You can spend alot of time in this beautiful country soaking in the chilled out life and beauty.

We spent 11 days in Nicaragua averaging $32 pp a day. Nicaragua wasn’t really expensive however we ended up participating in a lot of activities from a tour to a live volcano, through paddle boarding and kayaking the lagoon, taking an island hopping boat tour, surfing classes and a bit of shopping. This pushed up our daily spendings by far even though eating out and transportation was really cheap (you can get the most amazing fresh fish for two for $7-8). We didnt couch surfing in Nicaragua and therefore spent most of our spendings on accommodation.


☄Check which transport your taking, we booked onto the oldest wooden boat for a very rough crossing and have never been so happy to wear a life jacket. Knowing this before hand we would never have done it.

☄Book an exit ticket before you arrive at the border to enter Costa Rica. It’s a requirement to enter the country, unfortunately we didn’t know this and had to buy an expensive ticket at the border.


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