7 day car adventure in Costa Rica 

First day with a car and a/c and o my god we cannot even imagine what are we going to do when we will have to return it. A huge contrast form the cramped, hot, sweaty public transport we’ve endured for the last two months. Now with a set of wheels the now inexcessable locations through public transport were possible. We are so thankful to get to meet Dee and Brink, a South African couple, living in Australian and traveling around the world on their honeymoon. It was so lucky, that we all wanted to see similar things and were able to team up to enjoy Costa Rica together. It was lovely to travel in a bigger group, share past experiences and find out that we have pretty much been following each other since Mexico.

Our first day was to travel to the Rio Celeste National Park, 5 minutes into our journey we left the main road and straight into some off roading, we Crossed rivers, drove up and down the mountainous roads on unpaved and very rocky landscape. An unexpected twist to what we thought this easy journey in such an expensive country would be like, especially leading to some of the top tourist destinations. It made everything fell like an adventure.

Incredible scenery leaded up all the way to Rio Celeste National Park. A short hike into the volcanic landscape took us to the most amazing waterfall and lagoon we have ever seen. A natural phenomenon of two rivers meeting creates this unbelievable colour. It’s so blue it looks like a scene from a fairytale. We continued our journey back south of the country. Spoilt by the never ending picturesque scenery we were able to spot loads of spider monkeys as well as beautiful parrots and toucans just on the side of the road. This place just never stops giving.

The following day we headed to the Paos Volcano to hopefully see the largest creator in the world. Unfortunately we’re traveling in the rainy season so due to the weather and cloud cover this time of year we decided to give it a miss. We did still take the road up the volcano and views were amazing. Stopping for a local coffee, and the amazing La Paz waterfalls on our way.

What’s amazing here is the sheer amount of wildlife around every corner. A main road crossing a river was crowded by a huge number of people peering over. Stopping off we went to see what the crowd was about, here below the bridge were 20+ large crocks bathing on the beach. An incredible and very random day of traveling through Costa Rica.

Pushed by these small sittings of animals we headed to Manuel Antonio. This place is talked about by everyone we bump into. A national park full of animals set at the coast with beautiful beaches. True to its word this place did not disappoint. We were able to spot a large number of animals: 3 types of monkeys, porcupine, coatis, sloths, and raccoons which kept everyone entertained on the beach while they tried to steal our food. The ground was full of crabs and lizards and sky of birds. What makes this place so special is your ability to enjoy a day not only seeing the incredible wildlife, you can chill on a beach with your picnic, enjoy a book in the sun, and play in the large shore break.

Continuing our journey south along the pacific coast we stopped off at Uvita beach, this place was truley increadable. There is a sand bar here which streachs into the ocean connecting to some rocks which at low tide create a wales tale shape. We were lucky enough to catch an increadable sunset here (literally the most in increadable). The light and reflection of the water was perfect. Turning back inland your view of a densly covered mountians landscape with not a sign of civilization was just as jaw dropping. Unfortunately for us we didnt pre plan that after a sunset it would be incredibly dark. With no torch our return journey was more than interesting. We got very lost on the beach, but all part of the adventure.

Final stop of our 7 day tour with the car took us to Bolita, a hostel set deep in the jungle next to the Corcovado National Park. This place is a hidden gem, a long drive along the paninsula followed by a hard 40 minuit walk from the closest road through rivers and up into the jungle. Set on the hillside with the most amazing views the very basic accomidation lets you expericance the nature and landscape around. Cutting you off from the outside world with no electicity, it was a plesent break.

We spent two nights here and what a treat it was. Exploring the the trails day and night, able to spot wild life and the many waterfalls on the land. We drank coconut water from a fresh coconut tree, picked up mangos and bananas from the jungle and made tea with freshly grown lemon grass. A great way to finish our time in costa rica, we were sad to leave.


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