No budget in Costa Rica 

Costa Rica was the most expensive country so far this trip. We ended up spending almost $50 pp a day. This time transportation was our biggest expense since we hired a 4×4 for a week. We ended up spending $322 for the hire and fuel. This was half the actual cost as we traveled with another couple. It was the best decision ever, since it allowed us to see a lot of places in a really short time frame. Also public transport in Costa Rica isn’t ideal, Buses are expensive and don’t come as often as in other Central American countries, sometimes as little as twice a day. Many tourist attractions are well of the beaten track where public transport doesn’t run, or work time wise. Accommodation made for number 2 since we only stayed in hostels and hotels this time with no use of Couch Surfing, although we were still able to find reasonable accommodation.

Costarican groceries and transport prices are on par with European standards. For example a lunch dish will cost you a minimum of $6, small beer in a shop is about $2 and a litter of water over $1. It’s unbelievable how expensive we found Costa Rica in comparison to other Central American countries. We met many travellers on our way opting to skip it as they don’t have the budget for traveling there it’s just to expensive. Luckily we didn’t, it was an amazing place, probably our favourite on this travels. We couldn’t believe how much this country has to offer and for us well worth this extra cost.

☄ In most of car rentals you are required to show a credit card in order to rent a car.
☄You are charged extra for a glass beer bottle and you can get money back only in the same store and with a receipt.


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