We designed this blog to hold our memories while traveling around the world, starting in central and south america. An idea to name our blog  -TWICE THE WORLD- came from a mix of our two completely different worlds coming together. Zuzia’s shaped in the capital of Poland and Josh’s centred in the British country side. We believe that even though our lives have been very different, Josh’s based outdoors and Zuzia’s mainly in the cities, we will be able to learn from each other how to see the world in full. We hope to document our adventures and stories through out our trip.

Since she can remember Zuzia has always loved cooking. She decided to hitchhike between foreign kitchens to discovered new coucines. By doing this she ended up living in 4 countries during the last 5 years and traveling across over 30 of them through out her life. She likes adventures and always follows the sun (thats why she ended up living in the UK for last 7 months). During her travels she looks forward to discover new recipes, play volleyball on the beach and learn to chill out.

For Josh timing has always been an issue and traveling has been put on hold over his  quickly progressing career. Over the years of living and working in Devon and London, he has developed practical skills and is now a fully qualified electrician and carpenter, he plans to use these skills to help fun the world trip. As we know theres always something to fix. Josh has always been into the outdoors, and up for an adventure whether it is being out surfing, climbing or on his bike.

While visiting Zuzia’s family before leaving, her lego collecting  younger brother gave us two mimicking characters which we plan to take with us around the world.


This blog has been designed to keep our family and friends connected with our travels,and to share the stories and pictures of those we help as well as our big adventure.

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