Spendings In Central America 

We can now summarie our travels, we spent 80 days in Central America visiting every country except for Honduras, we averaged $32 a day per person. This includes every penny of spending from the attraction costs, accommodation, transport, food (our big expense) as well as our flight to Colombia. Costa Rica ended up being the most expensive country, followed by Beliz and Panama. On the other end Mexico and Guatemala were the cheapest with El Salvador and Nicaragua in between. To note, we spent quite a few nights couch surfing and hitchhiking, especially at the beginning, so our spendings might not always be the most accurate.

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Belize & its costs

As we cross the border into Guatemala we thought we would sum up our week in Belize I know not a long time here but we felt happy to move on with our adventure. A mix of emotions it’s been for both of us, and certainly not making it into our favourite country. After spending a brief time in orange walk, Belize city and San Ignacio we felt these cities didn’t offer a lot for us. I know we shouldn’t compare, but being spoilt by the European cities of architecture and history felt this was lacking massively. constantly being pestered by randompeople got tiring too, people would follow us for no reason, ask us to buy them something or try sell one of the hundreds of tours offered.

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Welcome to Belize

We made it to Belize, the second country on our list and a first of Central America. It used to be a British colony so English is there first language, this is quite relieving after understanding less than half of what we were told in Mexico. Also dollar conversion is very handy in Belize since it’s set at 1 American dollar to 2 Belizean dollars. This makes life much easier, in comparison to the peso being worth 16-18 times less than an American dollar.

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