Spendings In Central America 

We can now summarie our travels, we spent 80 days in Central America visiting every country except for Honduras, we averaged $32 a day per person. This includes every penny of spending from the attraction costs, accommodation, transport, food (our big expense) as well as our flight to Colombia. Costa Rica ended up being the most expensive country, followed by Beliz and Panama. On the other end Mexico and Guatemala were the cheapest with El Salvador and Nicaragua in between. To note, we spent quite a few nights couch surfing and hitchhiking, especially at the beginning, so our spendings might not always be the most accurate.

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Spendings in Nicaragua 

Nicaragua was one of our favourites of Central American, this country has so much to offer! From stunning lakes, including the largest lake in Central America, an amazing 19 volcanos and stunning beaches. You can spend alot of time in this beautiful country soaking in the chilled out life and beauty.

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