Bucket list✅


We have decided to create a little travel bucket list, things we want to see and achieve along the way and keep track of our goals. We are planning to add and cross off our list during the trip! We are open to any challenges that you may have for us or recommendations.  🔥
Our little bucket list:

– Volunteer

– Help build / improve something

– Work away

– Learn Spanish

See reef in Belize (✅ May 2016)

– Change someone’s life

– Fight sexual harassment

– Learn to cook a local dish in every country

– Become more patient

– Walk with a lion

– Play with a monkey

– White water rafting

– See giant turtles in Galapagos island

– Work on a passion fruit farm

– Work on a mango farm

– Eat a passion fruit from a tree

Eat a mango from a tree (✅ June 2016, Flores, Guatemala)

– Find out where food comes from

– Travel around the world

– Take a photo everyday

– Write something everyday

– See rice paddies / wear the hat

– Take a photo of the stars ❤️

– Climb a volcano

– Surf / camp / live on the beach

– Discover new food

– Catch a fish / hunt an animal

– Island hope

– Camp on the island

– Live in a tree / build a tree house

– Get a tatto

– Learn yoga

– Exercise a lot and eat healthy

– Work out what we want to achieve

– Learn to enjoy nothing and be happy

– Discover new music

See a manatee (✅ May 2016, Belize)

– See an elephant during bath

– Kiss a giraffe

– Learn to surf

Get a tan  (✅ May 2016, Mexico)

– Play volleyball on the beach

– Eat fresh sushi in Japan

Swim with turtles  (✅ May 2016, Akumal, Mexico)

– Skydive in Australia

– Eat little bananas in Vietnam

Visit Chichen Itza (✅ May 2016)

– Drink water from a coconut which I collected from a palm tree

– See flamingos

Swim in a cenote (✅ May 2016)

– See the blue hole in Belize

– Climb Machu Picchu

– Eat PHO

– Boat hitchhike

– Learn to video edit

– Learn to make Mai tai

– Explore Amazon

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After reading loads of blogs, posts and articles we found out that ATM / bank charges were a big part of travelers expenses. Therefore we have decided to take a close look into different banking options. We have decided to go for:

– Caxton card (MasterCard) – in order to order Caxton card you are required to have UK address, they have asked us for a copy of our passport (it doesn’t have to be British) & for a proof of UK address.

– Revolut card (MasterCard) – we didn’t need any sort of a prof of identify and card can be sent worldwide, Zuzia got her shipped to Poland.
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Vaccines and medications 💉💊

Finding out what vaccines you need to travel can be a pain, especially if you haven’t got a plan of where you want to go. Of course this was the case for us, with everything being so last minute. So our decision that we are going to only do vaccinations for central and south america for now and that we will top up if we decide to travel farther. Since we both share the idea that the least the better. However we don’t want to risk our health to much.

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Our plan 📍


Something that’s always been a dream is now becoming a reality, since we were little we have been dreaming of traveling the world, and for what ever reasons the timing has never been right.

After meeting each other in London, we soon realised we shared very similar interests. We both had itchy feet and after talking about traveling and our dreams it was only a matter of time until we decided to throw in the day jobs and escape the current lives we were living.

We’ve realised there’s never a good time to put a year of our life on hold, so with that in mind, why not now? The thought of having a backpack on and waking up in a different place each week, exploring new places, meeting new people, and of course food was now the only thing on our minds. So after a spontaneous decision we decided now was the time we had found each other and luckily we are both up for an adventure.

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