Packing for her 🎒

How to pack for traveling around the world?

Have you ever wondered how to pack for a long trip? How to prepare yourself for all 4 seasons?
Neither did I, until we have decided to take a trip to central and South America and who knows where else. I started by wanting to take everything with me, but unfortunately my backpack is only 70l and I’m only little. This is where the packing dilemma begins. What should I take?  Continue reading


Post 2: Warsaw & Lake District in Poland 

After spending a bit of time with Josh’s family in the north of England we got to Poland. We first landed in Warsaw to see Zuzia’s family. Warsaw feels amazing, its been a while since I was here last. The city feels so spread out in comparison to London, there is so much space in between buildings and its very green. I’m happy to see all of my friends and family again, as well as visit my favourite bars and restaurants.


After Josh arrived in Warsaw we have decided to explore Mazury, a massive polish lake district. We spent the long bank holiday weekend BBQing in the garden and out on the rowing boat.






We have already completed all of our vaccinations and are getting last bits packed. Almost ready for a flight early Thursday morning.

Vaccines and medications 💉💊

Finding out what vaccines you need to travel can be a pain, especially if you haven’t got a plan of where you want to go. Of course this was the case for us, with everything being so last minute. So our decision that we are going to only do vaccinations for central and south america for now and that we will top up if we decide to travel farther. Since we both share the idea that the least the better. However we don’t want to risk our health to much.

Excited to find out more?💉💊