Puerto Lopez, we are finally back at the coast!

Puerto Lopez is a little working fishing town, a little rough around the edges but a great base for day trips.  Easily accessible are whale watching tours and some of the most beautiful beaches in Ecuador. It also offers a great insight into some local Ecuadorean life styles while you watch this busy village in day to day life…

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Money, money, money – how much do I need for traveling Colombia?

We loved Colombia and would highly recommend it to everyone. The people are so friendly, there is a lot of interesting history to dive into, be it art, culture, or the infamous drug cartels, it will keep you reading for weeks. The landscapes are stunning and the prices are very low. This is no doubt one of our favourite countries. There is just so much to see, you can jump from the coast, to hiking in the mountains, to lakes, waterfalls even a desert (well sort of). We felt we could have spent so much more time in this country and will no doubt regret we didn’t, but we’ve chosen to leave some attractions for Ecuador and the rest of South America where we will be visiting the Amazon and then onwards. As you’ve probably realised from our blog we are trying to fit a huge trip into a small time frame, so we’re having to get pretty picky about how we’re spending time. Anyway if you have a month and your wondering where to go I will put this at the top of your list.

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Last stop in Central America

Our last stop and excited to finish the Central American leg we headed into Panama, spending just under 2 weeks here, before continuing our travels and flying to South America. We split our time between the islands of Bocas Del Toro and Panama City.

Bocas Del Toro

Situated off the northern point of Panama is the archipelago of Bocas Del Toro. We spent a week here, taking a step back from are busy travels to chill and soak in the sun on these picturesque beaches.

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7 day car adventure in Costa Rica 

First day with a car and a/c and o my god we cannot even imagine what are we going to do when we will have to return it. A huge contrast form the cramped, hot, sweaty public transport we’ve endured for the last two months. Now with a set of wheels the now inexcessable locations through public transport were possible. We are so thankful to get to meet Dee and Brink, a South African couple, living in Australian and traveling around the world on their honeymoon. It was so lucky, that we all wanted to see similar things and were able to team up to enjoy Costa Rica together. It was lovely to travel in a bigger group, share past experiences and find out that we have pretty much been following each other since Mexico.

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Spendings in Guatemala

We spent 16 days traveling around Guatemala, averaging about $23 a day per person. Guatemala seemed to be much cheaper than Belize and about the same price as Mexico. Unfortunately we ended up getting ill for a week, spending a lot on accommodation and eating in a hostel as we didn’t have the energy to leave. We only couch-surfed once, so our accommodation was our biggest expense. Being a huge country with not a lot of cars driving around (hard to hitchhike) we ended up spending a bit on traveling in-between places.

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Welcome to Belize

We made it to Belize, the second country on our list and a first of Central America. It used to be a British colony so English is there first language, this is quite relieving after understanding less than half of what we were told in Mexico. Also dollar conversion is very handy in Belize since it’s set at 1 American dollar to 2 Belizean dollars. This makes life much easier, in comparison to the peso being worth 16-18 times less than an American dollar.

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Next stop: Merida, 300km inland from Cancun, the capital of the Yucatan peninsula. A sauna of relentless 40 degree heat, it feels like this city never cools down. Merida was a great contrast from our travels so far, laced in history, full of old, rundown buildings and churches, hosting the largest cathedral in the continent, making plenty to see. The locals are very friendly, recommending in there eyes some of the best things for us to visit. Spending a few days in Merida we could really feel why it is said to be the safest city in Mexico and one of the safest in the world. Its not your typical stereotype of the country being dangerous to travel through.

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Bucket list✅


We have decided to create a little travel bucket list, things we want to see and achieve along the way and keep track of our goals. We are planning to add and cross off our list during the trip! We are open to any challenges that you may have for us or recommendations.  🔥
Our little bucket list:

– Volunteer

– Help build / improve something

– Work away

– Learn Spanish

See reef in Belize (✅ May 2016)

– Change someone’s life

– Fight sexual harassment

– Learn to cook a local dish in every country

– Become more patient

– Walk with a lion

– Play with a monkey

– White water rafting

– See giant turtles in Galapagos island

– Work on a passion fruit farm

– Work on a mango farm

– Eat a passion fruit from a tree

Eat a mango from a tree (✅ June 2016, Flores, Guatemala)

– Find out where food comes from

– Travel around the world

– Take a photo everyday

– Write something everyday

– See rice paddies / wear the hat

– Take a photo of the stars ❤️

– Climb a volcano

– Surf / camp / live on the beach

– Discover new food

– Catch a fish / hunt an animal

– Island hope

– Camp on the island

– Live in a tree / build a tree house

– Get a tatto

– Learn yoga

– Exercise a lot and eat healthy

– Work out what we want to achieve

– Learn to enjoy nothing and be happy

– Discover new music

See a manatee (✅ May 2016, Belize)

– See an elephant during bath

– Kiss a giraffe

– Learn to surf

Get a tan  (✅ May 2016, Mexico)

– Play volleyball on the beach

– Eat fresh sushi in Japan

Swim with turtles  (✅ May 2016, Akumal, Mexico)

– Skydive in Australia

– Eat little bananas in Vietnam

Visit Chichen Itza (✅ May 2016)

– Drink water from a coconut which I collected from a palm tree

– See flamingos

Swim in a cenote (✅ May 2016)

– See the blue hole in Belize

– Climb Machu Picchu

– Eat PHO

– Boat hitchhike

– Learn to video edit

– Learn to make Mai tai

– Explore Amazon

Are you having traveling thoughts as well? Share with us in the comments. 🐾