Belize & its costs

As we cross the border into Guatemala we thought we would sum up our week in Belize I know not a long time here but we felt happy to move on with our adventure. A mix of emotions it’s been for both of us, and certainly not making it into our favourite country. After spending a brief time in orange walk, Belize city and San Ignacio we felt these cities didn’t offer a lot for us. I know we shouldn’t compare, but being spoilt by the European cities of architecture and history felt this was lacking massively. constantly being pestered by randompeople got tiring too, people would follow us for no reason, ask us to buy them something or try sell one of the hundreds of tours offered.

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Packing for her 🎒

How to pack for traveling around the world?

Have you ever wondered how to pack for a long trip? How to prepare yourself for all 4 seasons?
Neither did I, until we have decided to take a trip to central and South America and who knows where else. I started by wanting to take everything with me, but unfortunately my backpack is only 70l and I’m only little. This is where the packing dilemma begins. What should I take?  Continue reading