Puerto Lopez, we are finally back at the coast!

Puerto Lopez is a little working fishing town, a little rough around the edges but a great base for day trips.  Easily accessible are whale watching tours and some of the most beautiful beaches in Ecuador. It also offers a great insight into some local Ecuadorean life styles while you watch this busy village in day to day life…

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Beaches of El Salvador 

We are in El Salvador! The country known more for its crime rates and tattooed gangs than its incredible coastline and nature. Wanting to explore the Pacific coastline for the first time on our travels, and having spent a long amount of time in land of Guatemala, we headed to el Tunco. A world famous surf town with huge swell and 3 meter waves. Here you don’t need to make it for tournaments, just watch the locals surf these massive waves – they are incredible.

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Welcome to Belize

We made it to Belize, the second country on our list and a first of Central America. It used to be a British colony so English is there first language, this is quite relieving after understanding less than half of what we were told in Mexico. Also dollar conversion is very handy in Belize since it’s set at 1 American dollar to 2 Belizean dollars. This makes life much easier, in comparison to the peso being worth 16-18 times less than an American dollar.

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