Spendings in Guatemala

We spent 16 days traveling around Guatemala, averaging about $23 a day per person. Guatemala seemed to be much cheaper than Belize and about the same price as Mexico. Unfortunately we ended up getting ill for a week, spending a lot on accommodation and eating in a hostel as we didn’t have the energy to leave. We only couch-surfed once, so our accommodation was our biggest expense. Being a huge country with not a lot of cars driving around (hard to hitchhike) we ended up spending a bit on traveling in-between places.

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Shocking side of Guatemala

We are now over a month into our travels and are in a 3rd country on our way south through Central America. We can sum up a few things that shocked us along the way. Traveling through Central America and especially Guatemala it doesn’t take long to realise we’re some of the tallest people around here, where for European size we are just an average hight.

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Drama in Flores, Guatemala

Next episode: Flores, Guatemala, a city entirely covering an island in the middle of the lake and connected to the main town by a bridge. The city looks magical with its cobbled streets and little buildings, each in a different colour. Almost all of the hotels / restaurants are placed at the waterfront, giving amazing views of the lake.

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