Last days in Mexico

After the relentless heat and unable to cool down in Merida for the last 3 days we decided to head back to the Caribbean coastline of Mexico. We’re 3 weeks into our travels now and have already realised that the coast is where we feel most comfortable in this weather. Finding the quiet beaches, lagoons and cenotes to cool down and relax with a book has been some of the highlights of our travels so far. So kver the next week we managed to hitchhike back to Cancun where we then jumped straight on the bus and started traveling south towards Belize. Calling in for a couple of days in playa del Carmen, Tulum and Bacalar.

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Chicken Pizza and cenotes

The Chichen Itza (also called a chicken pizza)  one of the most important Mayan settlements which is now one of the new seven wonders of the world. An impressive site, of the old Mayan town, there are so many buildings amazingly still in a very impressive condition. We spent about 3 hours soaking in the huge site, and photographing everything we could.

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Isla Mujeres & Cancun 

Isla Mujeres is a small idilic island half an hour boat ride of the coast of cancun. A huge tourist hotspot for anyone visiting the area so as you can imagine it caters for this. Initially we were disappointed to see a commercialised island was much like Cancun, but we rented a golf kart which is a must if you want to make the most and explore the island. We had a great day stumbling across private jetties and a tiny hidden little beach which we scrambled down the rocks to. The crystal clear blue waters kept us there all afternoon while we soaked up the sun. We then continued into the colourful town at the north of the island for some local food of tacos and fish in Parmesan batter. Finishing our day watching the sunset on the beach with a corona.

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First stop: Cancun, Mexico

On Thursday morning our trip around the world started. We took the extremely long flight all the way from Warsaw to Cancun. After sitting impatiently for the majority of the day starved by our budget airline choice of Condor airlines, we arrived into a very hot and humid 30 degree Mexico evening.
After quickly changing into some light weight clothing, we headed straight into the city on the connecting bus to explore some local cousin and find our accommodation for the next few days.

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Our plan 📍


Something that’s always been a dream is now becoming a reality, since we were little we have been dreaming of traveling the world, and for what ever reasons the timing has never been right.

After meeting each other in London, we soon realised we shared very similar interests. We both had itchy feet and after talking about traveling and our dreams it was only a matter of time until we decided to throw in the day jobs and escape the current lives we were living.

We’ve realised there’s never a good time to put a year of our life on hold, so with that in mind, why not now? The thought of having a backpack on and waking up in a different place each week, exploring new places, meeting new people, and of course food was now the only thing on our minds. So after a spontaneous decision we decided now was the time we had found each other and luckily we are both up for an adventure.

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