Welcome to Belize

We made it to Belize, the second country on our list and a first of Central America. It used to be a British colony so English is there first language, this is quite relieving after understanding less than half of what we were told in Mexico. Also dollar conversion is very handy in Belize since it’s set at 1 American dollar to 2 Belizean dollars. This makes life much easier, in comparison to the peso being worth 16-18 times less than an American dollar.

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Last days in Mexico

After the relentless heat and unable to cool down in Merida for the last 3 days we decided to head back to the Caribbean coastline of Mexico. We’re 3 weeks into our travels now and have already realised that the coast is where we feel most comfortable in this weather. Finding the quiet beaches, lagoons and cenotes to cool down and relax with a book has been some of the highlights of our travels so far. So kver the next week we managed to hitchhike back to Cancun where we then jumped straight on the bus and started traveling south towards Belize. Calling in for a couple of days in playa del Carmen, Tulum and Bacalar.

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