6 things to do in Nicaragua 

We spent almost 2 weeks in Nicaragua, and totally loved it. These are our favourite activities.

Climb up the roof of Leon’s Cathedral

We arrived in Leon, a city surrounded by many volcanos. This town is mostly treated as a base for many adventure tours, but there is one thing to do which we found amazing, and to our surprise it was based on the top of a cathedral. We found a little door on the side of the church and for only few dollar we were allowed to climb up on its roof made entirely of white, lime stone. From there we could see an amazing panorama of all surrounding volcanos and rooftops.

Sightsee beautiful Granda

Granada, one of the oldest and most important towns in Central America. The towns situated at the northern point of the lake Nicaragua. Here we enjoyed the colourful town, and explored by boat some of the 365 islands created by Mombacho volcano eruption.

Observe lava at very active Masaya Volcano

A tour from Granada took us to the active Masaya volcano, no longer safe to hike but still accessible by a road running directly to the summit. From here you are able to see straight into the volcano, seeing the very active lava was mesmerising.

Swim and paddle at lagoon de Apoyo

We spent the day soaking in the sun, and paddling in the fresh water of the Apoyo lagoon. This huge volcanic creator is a beautiful place to relax and explore.

Surf in San Juan del Sur(f)

Surfing was back on the list of things to do. We headed back to catch some surf while the waves were smaller. El Salvador’s conditions were far to challenging and this was to good to miss.

Explore Island Ometepe on a scooter

The island of Ometepe is situated in the middle of the lake Nicaragua, this volcanic landscape was the perfect place to get on a scooter and explore. Opting out of the hike up the volcano as the visibility was poor. We trekked partway up the volcano to see one of the waterfalls. Here we also spent the afternoon in one of the national parks where we were able to watch the monkeys climbing up the trees.


One thought on “6 things to do in Nicaragua 

  1. Shivinder Grewal says:

    So great to see you guys living your dream! So much going on back home, but you can wait for that!
    Great photos of your travels and of you both. Yeah I’ve got a Peaky Blinders haircut too;)
    Much love and luck
    Shiv. Xxx


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